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Central Vacuum Accessories

Accessories to simplify home maintenance.

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Central Vacuum Accessories for Every Surface
Our durable and versatile central vacuum accessories fit 99% of all central vacuum systems. Take a moment to consider each surface of your home and how a specialized vacuum accessory can make cleaning a breeze without stirring up dust.

CentraMop will vacuum and mop at the same time!

CentraMop - Two Jobs in 1!

Vacuum and Mop at the Same Time!
The CentraMop simultaneously vacuums and mops (using a damp pad) for effortless, time-saving cleaning of all hard-surface floors. Its unique front and rear vacuum channels pick up debris, whether pushing or pulling. Same effort yields a cleaner floor and cleaner home, without vacuuming any water! Includes (2) microfiber pads.

Axis Floor Tool gives you the agility to vacuum those hard to reach places.

Axis Floor Tool

Double-swivel neck makes cleaning easier than ever before.
There is nothing like the Axis Clean-Agility floor brush. Using the Axis feels natural as it compliments your movements. In fact, it requires less physical exertion to clean more surface area. The double-swivel Axis stays flat no matter how you move, twist, or rotate.